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2009-10-24 11:23:37 by LK412

Now i have been criticized for a while now for sounding like Basshunter. I've been told i steal melodies and change them around a bit.

I never though i sounded like him and i have NEVER taken a melody.

But since everyone thinks that we have similar styles, it must be true right?

I have never been influenced by him but we sound similar.

People say to get a new style and stray away from my old one, but why would i do that when i love my old style.

So i guess what im saying, is that im gonna start "embracing" this basshunter similarity but keep my original touches as well.

If people think this is lame, and im just looking for popularity, im not. I just love my style.

I hope you guys can understand this, and if some people do not like my music, please vote on my songs in regards of production skill, not how "mainstream" it sounds.

Thanks :D


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2009-10-24 11:28:03

Wow, I never thought you sounded like Basshunter, not 1 bit. :/
If anyone sounded like him, I'd have thought me.. :$
Anyway, keep ur old style, i like it :P

LK412 responds:

:D Thanks!


2009-10-24 13:55:30

oops? :3

but new style = awesomer :)

LK412 responds:

I never said i wouldnt try new things. I mean i wont give up my old style like some want me to.

I will obviously try new stuff, but ill keep my old style as well :D


2009-10-25 01:27:43

i never thought that you were looking for popularity.

Here is something to try:

Try and make something different BUT have a similar style like your old one.

LK412 responds:

Will do man,

Progressive trance, with my types of melodies :D Sounds awesome :)


2009-10-25 19:42:43

You sound like Splash now.. kinda.. =) Thats a good thing though.

LK412 responds:

Haha thanks man!


2009-10-26 22:36:02

Why would you care what people think? thats why theres Newgrounds

LK412 responds:

I'm weird like that, i need everyone's approval XD


2009-10-28 19:24:13

Your style is fine. Don't change it.

LK412 responds:

:D Thank you


2009-10-31 01:39:39

guess what :P I got a review on my song "Unwritten", and he thinks the song sounds like Basshunter's Welcome to rainbow, and told me that my song were a total ripoff xD perhaps it's just me, but I however don't hear any resemblance :P

Guess that's my first "Don't steal Basshunter's songs" mark or whatever :P

Anyhow, where've you been? haven't seen you on msn recently. Perhaps it's just me being away when you're at the comp :P

Damn, this was a long comment.

Well, cheers man

LK412 responds:

Haha, i guess everything sounds like basshunter these days.

Cheers. :D


2009-11-05 08:17:31

lol alot of music artist here always receive accusations similar to that, but on the other hand uL always also receive good criticism to. thers always a downside to everything but it should push u 4ward in2 becoming better, dun let it bring u down :) wer here 4 u m8 ^^b
hey every1's gotta start somewer rite

LK412 responds:

Haha right, thanks man.


2009-11-08 10:00:18

I like your style. In fact you are one of my favorite artists. Keep submitting good stuff.

LK412 responds:

Thank :D


2009-11-08 20:32:15

suck my dick pl0x

LK412 responds:

Yea, ur pretty neutral.


2009-11-09 21:13:59

You sound like Basshunter? Since when? Do whatever you want with your music, every time I listen to your songs my ears have an orgasm. Why would you care what the people of Newgrounds think anyway? Half of them are zero bombers. I just think you need to make whatever is fun to make, and to hell with everyone who says otherwise. Keep making music man, I love it.

LK412 responds:

Haha thanks man, will do. Fuck kalapsia.


2009-11-10 19:35:54

heres your attention

LK412 responds:

I didnt need attention, at all. I didnt name you. If i wanted attention i would have gotten top 5, but thats not an option anymore thanks to you :D


2009-11-13 15:54:18

woah dood i just listend to all ur music

it sounds exactly like basshunter!!~~~ so cool keep it up

LK412 responds:

Well we all know who's friend this is.

"re-mastered by Kalapsia"

Go have gay buttsex somewhere else, not on my user page.


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