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Youtube Account :D

2009-10-08 01:49:06 by LK412

Hey guys!

I got a YouTube Account!

Subscribe please!

Ill be uploading some stuff so stay tuned!


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2009-10-09 16:41:41

I havent got my YouTube account yet, but maybe in the future...
Anyways, hope you get really popular there!

LK412 responds:

Thanks a lot man! :D


2009-10-13 16:02:39

My youtube account sucks. I love getting 3 views per month. Makes me feel happy.

LK412 responds:


Sucks man :(


2009-10-14 21:38:38

omg you rock for having my quotes on your page. Seriously. They were so awesome, my nipples got stiff from excitement, and its not even cold in here.