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Hard drive may be lost :(

2009-09-17 19:05:20 by LK412

I might have lost all my files because of my shitty HP comp.

Ive sent it in to get recovered but there is no guarantee.

It sucks not being able to make music. D:


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2009-09-18 07:47:45

Isn't this the second time this has happened?

"I just got my computer back from repair and they cleared everything. So i cant update any of my songs. Sorry if anyone wanted something finished."

LK412 responds:



2009-09-18 16:17:19

Get a new computer that specifically is used for music production.

LK412 responds:

Im not sure cuz i got this comp not too long ago, i dont think my parents will let me get a new comp.


2009-09-26 05:39:17

=( hope u get ur files back !!!!