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Thanks Everyone!

2009-05-18 10:53:53 by LK412

I have 100 people who favorited me as an artist! Yay!

Thanks for all the support guys!


2009-04-30 10:47:51 by LK412

I got Best of the Week!

Thanks a lot for the support and all the help I've received over the months. Thanks a lot guys i really appreciate it!

New Songs!

2009-04-08 00:45:09 by LK412

New Songs, check em out...

Plus, im bored =P


2009-04-03 15:34:18 by LK412

Im in the RaC 2 contest and im competing against some great artists.

The online radio broadcast will air on April 4th 4 PM EST on

Please stop by and listen to my submission and if you like it, it would be much appreciated if you would vote on it.

Here are the voting instructions.

You can only vote once all acts from the country have finished, instructions of how to vote will be announced through both, The radio stream and the Radiogrounds IRC chat channel.
Basically you must vote by sending a pm to NeonProject through Radiogrounds or Newgrounds with the number of the act you would like to win.
You can vote as many times as possible but the voting won't be open long, it will most likely last aroun 10 minutes, getting fans and friends to support you will help a lot, also remember that half of your final score is also determined by the Jury.

If you really like mine vote a bunch of times =P. (Doubt you will like mine that much tho)

If you cant make the show then just listen to my song on my NG page, and maybe send NeonProject a message after the show.

It would be really cool if i win so pleaaase help!

Thanks ALOT!

=( Cleared Memory

2009-02-25 22:07:14 by LK412

I just got my computer back from repair and they cleared everything. So i cant update any of my songs. Sorry if anyone wanted something finished.


2009-01-17 14:34:55 by LK412

Thanks to Mydnite I have a header now and i think it looks awesome. Check out her other headers on the link provided. She is awesome!

New Song

2008-12-27 11:59:03 by LK412

I got a new song Called OverLoad WiP and another one Called | Lk | Lollipop Trance Remix Listen to both if want. For some reason they didnt get as good of a rating as i though they would have. But then again they didnt get than many listens. So if you could take a look at them that would awesome.


2008-12-26 20:49:51 by LK412

Can some one please make me a logo? I really want one and the only thing i know how to use is MS paint. Lol. So if wouldn't mind or if u know some1 that could that would be awesome. thanks

Happy Holidays

2008-12-25 00:00:46 by LK412

Happy Holidays everyone!!! Also check out my new song. Sensation


2008-12-15 18:16:58 by LK412

So im listening to my song So irresistible remix and im thinking this is the shittiest lead i have ever heard. So if anyone could give me some tips on how to make a lead that would be awesome. Is it just layering or actually changing the waves and stuff. Thx guys!